Hi! I'm Maggie!


I'm Maggie Mullins. I'm a resident of New Orleans, originally from Texas, and I've been a lifelong observer of food and food psychology. I'm a Tulane graduate with a degree in Communications. I work at an arts' non-profit. None of this screams "wellness blogger," I know. While I've only started formally studying food psychology and behavior in the last few years, I grew up studying diets from a very young age, and up until recently, bought into every diet that would promise fast, easy weight loss that would finally make me into the Woman I Wanted To Be. 

I know firsthand that nutrition in our country is a complete circus, at all angles. With skyrocketing rates of obesity and diabetes, we are in crisis and we don't know where to turn The food industry promises us that over-processed, sugar-laden foods are good for us and our world. Diet moguls promise us that whatever new diet they are promoting has finally cracked the code for weight loss and wellness. Wellness bloggers tell us that we the only way to a healthy life is to completely dedicate ourselves to health, never indulge, and live of a life of absolute purity. The truth is out there somewhere, but when everyone has an agenda and swears that their way is the only true way, it can be hard to figure out what exactly the truth is. 

I am not a professional, I am not an expert. I am someone who loves food and wellness, but also is aware of the confusing, dark side of that world: of corporations that control our food distribution, of eating disorders that plague our population, of chemicals added to our mass-produced foods, of sugar addiction, of food deserts, the ways that our country's poor are often the biggest victims of the food industry, of binge eating, you name it. I want to use this website as a way to wade through this confusion, and hopefully find some truth along the way.