Food Marketing and the Under-Discussed Causes of Obesity

“What is the cause of our obesity epidemic?” is an explosive question, with thousands of possible answers. One could say poor choices. Poor education. Environmental factors. The availability of healthy foods. School lunches. Lack of exercise. A decrease in home cooking. Fast food. Lack of self discipline. The list goes on, and on, and ON, and with the list growing, it becomes harder to reach common ground when talking about fighting obesity. We take a look at a 2011 Congressional hearing that highlights common political rhetoric surrounding the debate, Big Food’s response, and The Obesity Society’s complex suggestions on where we should put our efforts.

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Maggie Mullins
Wellness Blogging and the Privilege of Purity

Conventionally attractive, thin wellness bloggers promise us that if we just embark on a lifestyle of purity, we can have everything we ever wanted. They love to make these goals seem achievable to everyone, but what they don’t love to talk about is just how much money and privilege these lifestyles require.

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