About Sickeningly sweet

Pink wisps of cotton candy at Coney Island. A gleaming glass bottle of Coca Cola. A Hershey’s bar lined with sparkling gold foil. All three of these are iconic American images. Sugary snacks have become so woven into the American experience that even as we sit with a health epidemic on our hands- nearly 40% of US citizens are considered obese and our rates of preventable deaths that are linked to obesity have skyrocketed- our infatuation with the promise of temporary euphoria that sugar gives us is showing no signs of loosening its hold on our society.

I can attest to the power of sugar firsthand. As a sugar addict in recovery, I used sugar as a way to temporarily quiet my emotions, to throw a soft blanket on them until they'd inevitably wake up again like a screaming baby. 

We will sit down for interviews with those who also examine relationships to food in a variety of ways, with historians who have studied the power that advertising has on our habits, wellness practitioners, sugar addicts (reformed and not reformed), friends, and colleagues. We may not come up with solutions to the world's problems, but we will do our best to have a thoughtful, nuanced conversation about our society's obsession with sugar and the effects it has on all of our lives.